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10.01.2015: we are not yet saved.

so it looks like emoware.org has been saved again (by sweden, no less), despite it's apparent permadeath.

let's have a parade, etc.

28.02.2013: ok, @emoware is now a 'real' thing. i resisted for a long time, for all the right and wrong reasons, and i finally gave in for some of them too (blame the fucking phone). so, hit me up. i'm having issues with actually using it, i can't write a first tweet because it makes no sense for me to do so. i have nothing to say to the void. i got all chicken/egg over myself.

maybe i should just go and delete my account.

26.02.2013: so, marika has started taken herself to bed. she's learnt when it's bedtime and she gets annoyed with us if we don't put her to sleep. this started a couple of weeks ago after she'd had an early bath due to some accident or other. we had her running around in her pajamas for about half an hour, jumping around on the sofa, but mostly just complaining a lot. we'd all been very exhausted, dealing with the worse flu that i can remember having (of course, when you can stay in bed the whole time and get waited on by tomato soup carrying angels is obviously not so bad), so when she started getting really upset in the corridor i thought it was just her falling over again or something. but when i went to her she took me hand and led me into the bedroom, then stood patiently besides her bed waiting for me to put her in. she lay straight down and went to sleep. it was the (what do they call it?) darndest thing. and i guess it shows you how much she likes her routines. it's just so nice that she knows she's tired and it's bed time and she actually wants to go to sleep. i was giggling about this for hours afterwards (actually much longer, but i'm already gushing too much)

anyway, it made me think that she's had a lot of really interesting developments recently and i've not really been keeping track. plus, she's starting vuggestue soon (nursery? although it's hard to translate because it's not something you really have in england), so i though i'd try to document some of it.

what i've been most impressed about is how she's learnt to use us as tools. if she's having trouble completing a task (pushing pegs down, etc) she'll grab my hand and pull it over to make it do the job instead. the other night she was even dragging us around and giving us hiding places so she could play a rather silly version of hide and seek (she go out the room, close and open the door, then come and find us). there's another side to this as well, and that's her wanting to show us things. she has several books that contain textures (furry animals, tyre treads, etc) and recently she started grabbing our fingers to rub over the interesting areas of the pages. we'd be doing it to her for weeks, i guess it's only natural that she'd do it back, right?

she's also very good at sharing her food, although mainly just raisins. i personally think sharing food is important, but teaching it to marika was mainly a way to reduce the number of raisins she was eating and to introduce some form of light discipline (if she's doesn't go find mamma in the next room and give her a raisin there will be no more raisins, etc). it's just so sweet how much she insists on giving raisins to other people now.

the cutest thing she's done is 'hug' herself in the mirror when we've asked her if "marika gets marika kos?". 'marika kos' is when she rests her head against your head, and it's her basic method of showing affection. she started doing it at the dinner/breakfast table a long time ago. i was just quite surprised that she recognised herself in the mirror as being herself and could use the mirror to give herself 'marika kos'.

thinking about it now, she's quite good at stroking our head too, but mostly that just ends in hitting.

learning though, it really is incredible isn't it?

04.02.2013: a couple of weeks ago our TV signal got updated to something new and digital, something our TV couldn't at all deal with. but it was no problem, we just threw the TV out, back where we'd found it. then our internet connection went down for almost a week. and in the middle of that my phone got cut off. it was all very weird, suddenly being plunged into this connectionless void. what was weird was that it felt novel, which it shouldn't.

at least i can get wifi on the buses here.

in other news, my computer is sad that i don't spend time with it anymore. since i've had my new phone i have little reason to casually switch it on. i might think "hey, let's organise some photos", but the effort of booting up is just too much. and before people start saying all the predictable stuff like "i told you apple was so good" - i've had my fair share of crashing and fuckups. it's a beautiful little machine but it's not perfect.

i'd actually like to gush a little bit about the quality of the map, especially in 3D, but i'm no doubt way behind on this one so will keep the very strange experience of tracking myself on the bus to myself. it all went a bit generation A. and i thought being thrown into the future would hurt more, but it didn't. i actually remember discussing computerised maps with my dad when i was rather small, and how mind boggling it would be if you could have a globe and then zoom all the way in to look at the streets, but i never really thought it could be quite this good. how could you?

btw, if you have a spare 300dkk, i can highly recommend you invest in a pulse eco shower, and that's despite the ugliness of their website (um, no that is not a sponsored link). alternatively you could pick up a vcube7 from bog&ide, before they realise they've priced it way too cheap.

16.01.2013: i'm quite confident that all lost toys have now been found. green pin man had been missing for months, i even put out a bulletin asking if anyone had seen him. i gave up looking, he'd turn up eventually, and then he did, in my running shoe. at the time i thought red pin man was also missing, but he was just misplaced in the wrong toy box. red ring was under the bathroom cupboard. and last but not least, red rabbit was found this morning hiding under kitchen doorframe. pesky rabbit.

so that is that. for now.

is marika old enough for the tripti ensemble crew? maybe not. freak juice, yeah.

anyway, in seemingly random move on the part of my employer i'm now a confused owner of an iphone5. it's quite the jump from my humble and trust nokia 1200, which was the only phone i've enjoyed having since my 3330, which must have lasted me at least five years or something, and whose sim card i still use when not in denmark (yep, same number still). there were two phones in between but i can't remember what they were. one of them had a colour screen though, and it might even have had a camera! gosh.

so far the iphone is just a pretty slab of shiny and mat black (no sim). but at least i don't feel so technologically stunted anymore. i mean, who wants to find themselves dropped behind and with no idea about all that new fangled fangly shit? i don't care about gadgets or twitter, i like to keep my communications lo-fi, but there's always been a fear of suddenly not being able to catch up. i'm a parent now, and everyone knows parents don't understand the next generations tech, right?

i swear all night i could hear chanting in the background, "gooble goble gooble goble, one of us, one of us".

01.01.2013: that was exactly what doctor who needs, another character that gets killed in every episode.

anyway, i hate to go all bah humbug or whatever, but i think new years eve is rapidly becoming my least favourite day of the year. i'm also hating fireworks. and these two things are obviously inextricably linked.

we went to bed at about 22:00, and the non-stop barrage had already been going on for two hours. amazingly marika slept through all of it and didn't wake up until 3am once it had finally quietened down. which is incredible because she hasn't been sleeping at all for the last three weeks. none of us have. it's been dreadful.

our christmas peaked too early this year, what with the christmas family day at the norwegian church and the office christmas party and all that. i christmased out. christmas was old before it even started. please, no more christmasses. it's just been illness after sickness after infection, we are going through all of it.

anyway, back to last night. it took me over an hour to fall asleep, and then i woke up again at about quarter past the new year, probably when the crackle-bang-boom reached its peak outside our window. some of those booms were just a bit too much. everywhere you could see were people setting off fireworks. explosions hitting the windows of the top-most apartments, all the streets full of smoke. it just seemed a little too gratuitous. and i'm sure i say that every year, but don't you people have better things to waste your money on?

but at least marika was sleeping.

so, request for the new year - more sleep. maybe more pizza.

26.12.2012: i've been doing quite well with my cubes recently, in terms of solving them and not buying them (or at least i was until this morning, whoops). the 4x4x6 is solved, as is the mixup plus, the constrained 180 cube, the square-2, and the camouflage cube, which has become my favourite puzzle. here's a picture of it in all its confusing glory:

even when playing with it you can't quite work out what it is. and when you do (spoiler: it's a bandaged/fused 4x4x4 with the non-bandaged pieces extended to make it a symmetrical 3x3x3) it still doesn't make much sense. it is sickness. witeden have really been rocking the new cube designs over the last half year. someone somewhere discovered a new core mechanism and they've run with it like crazy.

i first solved the constrained cube in ingolf's cafe when we were first introducing marika to the idea of daycare (dad, croissant and latte, rubik's cube. because i'm a hipster or what? my braces are ironic. not likely). in retrospect it's not that difficult to solve. frustrating more than anything. but it's fun when you get the hang of it. i thought about getting the constrained 90 cube (or 'quater cube'), but that would be too difficult. i've still not scrambled the latch cube. bloody thing.

but some of those puzzles have taken me ages, working with them on and off for months. i remember taking my new mixup plus cube to the emergency ward when i got hogweed burnt, thinking maybe i could solve it whilst waiting. since then it's mostly been sitting on the shelf with the centers shuffled in an awkward permutation. the center permutation problem was solved one sleepless night, lying in bed going through the numbers and edge replacements in my head. i messed it up in the morning, too groggy to keep track of the pieces, but the theory was solid.

it was a similar story with the 4x4x6, i got stuck pairing the edge pieces together and couldn't reduce it to a 4x4x4 (which then needs reducing to a 3x3x3). i was sitting outside in the courtyard with it for almost an hour whilst marika slept and all these kids were running round having a birthday party or something. this one girl came up to me and told me it looked rather complicated, and that i should start with something simpler, like a normal sized 4x4x4. she caught me off guard, who is this six year old telling me what rubik's cube i should be playing with? ja men, jeg kan godt klar den, tak. but the thought took root, and maybe she was right, so again it sat on the shelf for months.

see, these cubes are investments. whole seasons of entertainment. if anyone is keeping count.

i should also admit that this whole post was just so i could post that photo. the jumble was too much to keep to myself.

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