Buying Malarone Tablets Online for Anti-Malaria and Malarone Side Effects

Malarone is the most expensive anti malaria tablet, the price of malarone is not cheap, however malarone side effects are better than other malaria tablets. If you are taking other drugs inconjunction with your anti-Malaria tablets then I recommend you buy Malarone. Malarone is readily available in the UK and you can purchase Malarone from any UK pharmacy.

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It isn't cheap to buy Malarone tablets though, especially in the UK and compared with doxycycline. The price of Malarone cost from a pharmacy is about £2.50 each

When I've taken Malarone my side effects have been minimial (including when in combination with imodium). Other Malaria drug side effects (such as Larium and Doxycycline) include drowsiness, nausea and general badness (not baldness).

Unlike other drugs you only need to take Malarone two days before you enter and one week after you leave a Malaria risk area. So if you are away for a week you will need 17 Malarone tablets at a cost of £42.50, which you can thank GSK for. Malrone is a new drug which is what you pay for, plus GSK have the patent for it.

Malaria is spread by mosquitos and is caused by parasites eating their way through your liver and spleen. The early symptoms include flu, chills and general fever, and if treated by Malaria drugs then it can be stopped. Prevention is the best option with Malaria though, I strongly recommend that you buy Malarone or other anti-Malaria and stick to taking them. No anti-Malaria is 100% effective, however the most common reason that a Malarone prescription fails to stop Malaria is because the course was stopped too early. People do this because anti-Malaria tablets do have nasty side-effects, which differ between the different brands. The drug with the least side-effects is buy far Malarone. Online there is plenty of information about it.

Laurence's Malaria Drug Guide

Other drugs I've used for malaria:
  • doxycycline
  • larium

  • Drugs that i've also taken at high altitudes:
  • malarone (malaria)
  • imodium (diarrhoea)

  • Note: By no means am I a doctor, there are only my personal experience with these drugs, so obviously please look elsewhere for proper scientific information and the other dangers of taking these drugs. If you want further information from me then please feel free to drop me an email.

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