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Drunken Butterfly is..

We are jølle, kenneth and laurence (in alphabetical order). We make nice music, we make beautiful noise. We have friends, not fans. Our memetic selves have killed god. We host irregular basement club nights. You can listen to us here:

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Latest record:

We've too much love and energy for just one band, so this year (to save us from tears) we've split our lack of talent three ways to bring you a triple split compilation record of awe and doom - fucking awe and doom. The syncopated jingle jargle of Drunken Butterfly is ever present, popped and refined and sexed up like never before, but now the sound is backed up by the kraut disco thumpings of Französisch Ist Sexy and the dying roar of the Final Mammoth exploding and burning to the shore of New Jersey.

The New Untitled Triple Split CD

Drunken Butterfly

1. Love the Sound of War
2. 1000 Lightyears
3. Kjyddkagår i Chicago

Französisch Ist Sexy

4. I Wannabe (snus doggie dog)
5. You=Me
6. Annoying Lover
7. No York

Project Hindenburg

8. (a mass of smoking wreckage)
9. Final Mammoth

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