hello [welcome to my website etc]

this is the part of the site where im supposed to tell you who i am and why i have a website. so heres some vital stats:

name: Laurence Adam Zendric Ashmore
birth: 6th August, 1981
location: Brighton Copenhagen Toronto The Forest
colours: #B00000, #ff5a00 and #707590
occupation: SEO (curriculum vitae)
e-mail: emoware@gmail.com

dislikes: police
slogan t-shirts
mindless pop
supermarkets (esp. carrier bags)
fish eating "vegetarians"

dolikes: huge skies
emotive eyebrows
how apple pips taste of marzipan
parallel lines of different widths
the smell of celery
robots made out of tofu

and for clarity, emo has nothing to do with emo. it is no way related to the word emotional. this is just a coincidence. it's just some letters. i know i've complicated the matter by liking the odd 'emo band' but please just deal with it. thank you.

as for the why of my website, that's a little trickier. i probably have nothing of real interest for you, "we have no content". like most websites it has evolved from a less pointless beginning (possibly). here is a place to show friends my photos and work. also i like to be 'out there'. it feels like people are listening even if they're not. and yes, i do feel that websites need to justify themselves, or at least try to. and i have tried. so cheers for listening/reading and onwards to more pointless crap..

for further insight there is always the humungous archive of my constant drawl from the last few years. i'm sure at least some of it contains valuable information and is worth reading. somehow.

were not wasting paper [or grammar]
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