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norway cabin/fog trip: 01.07.2011 - 04.07.2011
fog and sheep and more fog. mountians, yup. in the fog. or something.

france - charente/dordogne and paris: 16.04.2011 - 26.04.2011
really randomly and quite badly written up, but i don't care. visiting my parents and visiting paris again.

sweden cycling tour: 02.08.2010 - 10.08.2010
armed with maps and as much camping gear that could be attached to our bikes, we cycled out of copenhagen and pointed our handle bars towards oslo drammen. the swedish coast and everything you'd expect from a bicycling holiday.

roskilde festival 2010: 27.06.2010 - 05.07.2010
we're still at roskilde, always at roskilde. this diary is so redundant after the first two. after the first. but you know the drill. the alcoholic wasteland. the degradation as ungraceful as it could get. your filth. you're filth. and i never did get that dictaphone.

new york and boston: 13.05.2010 - 21.05.2010
new york and boston, briefly, there is little else to be said. apparently not.

canadian roadtrip: 26.04.2010 - 13.05.2010
travelling back to toronto and then heading northwards, all the way to the bottom of the hudson bay, and whatever nothingness that can be found up there. the canadian dream. bad food and so many huge cars.

berlin debauchery: 18.03.2010 - 22.03.2010 & 25.07.2010 - 27.07.2010
something like many beers, rose wine, fizzy vodka shots, bloody marys, underberg vodka revival. more underberg. jagermeister, blood orange vodka, another 2cl bottle of herby caramel coloured liquid. probably alcoholic. and absolutely nothing of the berlin that i thought i was familiar with.

paris in winter: 28.12.2009 - 11.01.2010
paris tourism minus most of the tourists. there's skulls below the city, jazz in montmartre, boring art in the lourve, awesome art elsewhere, awkward marriage proposals up the eiffel tower, croissants at all hours, a cold wind everywhere.

norwegian cabin trip: 24.11.2009 - 30.11.2009
cabins, roaring fires, snow shoes, scrabble, frozen pizza, mulled wine, faen, etc..

oil cleaning in norway: 15.08.2009 - 23.08.2009
volunteering with an international environmental NGO, cleaning norwegian beaches in norway's most expensive oil clean-up operation ever, and getting wrapped up in several shades of political bullshit. i made more of an effort in writing this one up. it's bitter.

slottsfjell festival 2009: 13.07.2009 - 23.07.2009
coming soonish maybe

roskilde festival 2009: 28.06.2009 - 05.07.2009
back to roskilde, a sequel of sorts. this time i'm volunteering and not spending any money. a very different but equally entertaining experience. although in many ways it's exactly the same. next year i'm taking a dictaphone.

t√łnsberg & horten, norway: 23.04.2009 - 27.04.2009
guitar buying and partying in norway somewhere.

drunken wales & butterfly gig in london: 07.04.2009 - 19.04.2009
camping in wales, climbing mountains and skinny dipping. followed by some hardcore gigging in london and reading, courtesy of drunken butterfly, to the boats, and boredoms in the bathroom.

france, charente region: 21.10.2008 - 27.10.2008
joining my parents as they drive around the charente drinking cognac and calvados.

the netherlands: 18.07.2008 - 22.07.2008
stopping off in the netherlands for a friend's wedding party before heading to england. it's all trains and rain. walking around amsterdam and arnhem, typical dutch stuff.

roskilde festival 2008: 28.06.2008 - 05.07.2008
europe's other great festival, and not half an hour from where i live. this is how it went. it took me seven months to finish writing it up, despite most of it being written at the time, but now it's here in almost all its depravity and randomness. i exaggerate, but still, nothing i could write could accurately convey the chaos of some of those moments. please excuse the disjointedness.

denmark: spring & summer 2008
travelling around the various other islands of denmark, visiting the oldest town and the northern most town, amongst various other shenanigans. it was mostly just lots of sand and beer.

montreal: 22.02.2008 - 26.02.2008
a year and a half living in canada and i almost didn't make it to quebec. but there we were, with all our ridiculous luggage, worn out from the stress of moving, and not having a clue what we were doing. and why is montreal so cool? because it's more european. but don't read this, i wrote it with no enthusiasm at all. i don't know why.

vienna: 08.11.2007 - 13.11.2007
we picked the city of vienna pretty much at random. i didn't care, i just wanted to go somewhere with my friends whilst i was back in europe, making the most of it. we did pretty good and we even got snow. but you'll have to excuse all my moaning and complaining

detroit & windsor: 13.07.2007 - 15.07.2007
a quick trip into america and my first time there, starting with the worst city possible.

spain: 01.05.2007 - 10.05.2007
backpacking across spain, although only for nine days, visiting spain's three biggest cities. we get attacked my riot police in madrid, get hungry in valencia and go punk in barcelona.

copenhagen to canada: 05.08.2006 - 15.09.2006
we leave copenhagen, travelling via norway, germany, the nertherlands, belgium, france and england, before finally arriving at our destination in toronto, where we live in luxurious squallor for two weeks before i get my precious internet back and start updating my website properly again.

norway in easter: 10.04.2006 - 16.04.2006
featuring the secret origin of my broken arm and many photos of julie in the snow. we stayed in a cosy cabin up in the mountains of norway, four hours north of oslo (more if you walk).

oslo: 25.11.2005 - 28.11.2005
oslo in the winter and my first time in scandinavia.

budapest: 27.10.2005 - 01.11.2005
getting sick, lost and nearly arrested in budapest during halloween with grilly - a wicked city with a fascinating and terrifying history.

kilimanjaro charity climb: 17.03.2005 - 12.09.2005
climbing kilimanjaro to raise money for amani kids. my journal documents the entire process, including the organising, fund raising, travelling, meeting the kids, climbing, sweat, pain, vomit (although not mine) and exhilaration.

glastonbury festival 2005: 22.06.2005 - 27.06.2005
the one where it flooded (no, -really- flooded) and laurence ate something strange.

barcelona: 08.02.2005 - 12.02.2005
me and martin trying and failing to not be tourists in barcelona.

italy & switzerland: 05.08.2004 - 09.08.2004
travelling alone into the awesome spectacle of switzerland's mountains, meeting johanna, and tearing up venice.

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dumpster diving: 15.02.2006 - now

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