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a randomly added to random list of things that i need to tell you are great. half restrospective and half in order of realisation. why can't i just keep my opinions to myself?

sigur ros - a band so awesome i get shivers just reading reviews of their albums. this is true. while mogwai were destroying everything, sigur ros were carefully weaving it all back together. it took me so long to realise this simply because i could never get past the first track on their album. it was obvious, really. and then came their third album and swoon. like 'boom', from a distance, amongst fallen leaves and small children playing in the background. standing in the rain, in a field, and you feel like you've been here before (you have). popplagio, you could be anywhere. like a grande piazza, or another stage. and after sigur ros there is only one place to go.. a silver mt.zion

the first weezer album - you hear people talking about nirvana and nevermind. like, whatever. i never had nirvana, i had weezer. it's 1994, there's some band playing on 'the word' and they look like losers. thick square glasses, sweaters and what are they thinking? but the only way it would have been cooler is if dogs had run across the stage in slow motion. where is your grunge and emo now mother fucker? from that single performance i bought the album. the day it came out no less. but really, i didn't understand it. it's something you listen to on and off until one day, many years later, you stop and listen to the whole thing through thinking "this is fucking amazing". it's been in the background the whole time growing and it knows and feels everything. so you can keep your crappy nirvana and your crappy beatles. cos this is the only weezer album i will ever need.

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