travel diary [norway 01.07.2011 - 04.07.2011]

the first thing i don't like about SAS this morning is that they make a pregnant woman wait over half an hour in a baggage drop queue. and the SAS employee even seems offended that it'd ask if my very pregnant girlfriend could skip the line. the second thing that bothers me about SAS is their saftey video that is played before take off, that it is full of product placement. it's also just a video of the cabin crew performing the demonstration, as opposed to something more useful, like showing how the oxygen mask actually fall from the ceiling in an emergency. this makes no sense.

on the plus side the screens are now showing life footage of the clouds below us. and the squealing baby is not bothering me. this is auspicious.

three days up in the clouds. a constant wetness of being. drizzle. fog drifting through the pine trees, sheep in and out of the fog. their bells clanking at all hours. when it never really goes completely dark how do they know when to sleep?

i chop some logs, take down some young trees, sycthe away the saplings. do the job the sheep should be doing. they only seem interested in eating salt.

on the second day we hike further up into the mountains, make a fire in the rain and cook hotdogs and potato cakes. we even manage to boil some water for coffee.

and midnight walks, trying to figure out of it's ever going to get any darker than this half-light. and it's not. it's fascinating, but there's not much more to it than that.

we play monopoly on a circular board and make a 20cm stack of waffles.

the water pump has broken down and so we're fetching water from the stream like in the old days.

i spend most of my time with the "kill stick" taking out mosquitos.

we're last to leave the cabin and have to walk down to the valley. the view would be amazing if not for the wall of fog barely ten meters infront of you at all times. we have many failed hitchhiking attempts, these people with their empty SUVs, but at least it isn't raining. finally a nice old couple picks us up and drives us the second half of the journey. we then had two hours to waste, which we spent having tea, coffee and cake at the very friendly danish cafe. why is there a danish cafe all the way out here? who knows.

were not wasting paper [or grammar]
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