photos [budapest 27.10.2005 - 01.11.2005 ]

:mountains :scaffold :mc.d :sunset

:trams :palace :autumn :eagle

:matyas :matthias :church :detail

:fishermans :bastion :castle :wall

:distorted :dominican :budapest :labyrinth

:weirdness :building :millenium :park

:kontroll :deak ter :central :market

:great :market :liberty :suicide

:architecture :lutz :ghetto :terror

:obuda :aquincum :bridge :parliment

:basilica :synagogue :holocaust :memorial

:stained :heroes :tram :tower

:hungarian :keleti :angel :arcade

:kerepesi :cemetery :antall :jozsef

:pantheon :kossuth :lajos :soup

:latte :kitten

photos [budapest graffiti]

:mcity :graf :fiti :metro

:fish :misc :door :critical

:sticker :stencil

me and grilly paid a visit to budapest over halloween 2005 and all of my decent photos of budapest are listed above. budapest is a photogenic city and i could have happily filled umpteen photo galleries full of budapest photos, but time and space wont allow it. anyway, i nearly got arrested (or beaten up, whatever it is the police do over there) for taking photos of the american embassy, so that's not one to try. i was particularly happy with the cemetery photos, considering there was no light, and my photos of the budapest architecture. i'll stop rambling now.

were not wasting paper [or grammar]
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