work [misc]
Curriculum Vitae (SEO CV)

work [seo]
examples of work available on request

work [website construction]
The Vault Imaging (architecture design & build)
Drunken Butterfly (full site design & build)
Dumpster Diving (full site design & build)
To The Boats..! (architecture design)
Chris T-T (site re-code, now replaced)
Maheshwari Yoga (site design & build, no longer available)
Rifa's Art Club (site design & build, no longer available)

work [academic]

An Investigation into the Benefits of Neutrality within Real-Valued Evolutionary Search Landscapes

An Investigation Into Evolutionary Art Using Cartesian Genetic Programming

MSc Evolutionary & Adaptive Systems

Episodic Memory and Autonoetic Consciousness in Animals

Investigating the Effectiveness of Neutral Networks using Co-Evolution of Populations Utilizing and Dismissing Genetic Drift

Must Communication Between Autonomous Robots be Honest?

Adaptive Control of the Cart-Pole Problem (Evolution and Comparison of a Rule-based Classifier & Neutral Network)

BSc Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science

A Virtual World in VRML
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